Special Note: Hackathon Deadline extended!

NEW DEADLINE: Deadline: Nov 30, 2021 @ 11:45pm PST

Over the weekend the GitHub wwas down so we've decided to give you extra time complete your submissions and post your code to GitHub.

Build The World with Dolby.io Hackathon

Join us for Dolby.io’s first hackathon, where you’ll get a chance to imagine, develop and create new apps that take real-time audio and video communications to the next level.  

Our theme is in recognition of how the global lockdown brought on by the pandemic has transformed our concept of place into hybrid meta-spaces.  We want you to build a video conferencing application with a sense of place in the world.

What will your workplace collaboration look like for both remote and at-work workers? Could you build a watercolor app to enhance your companies team culture?  

With so many students learning online from home what ways could you enhance their learning experiences over a video call?  

For healthcare and fitness, some are less likely to visit a doctor’s office or go to the gym as frequently. Imagine how you could transform these sessions into more engaging online and in-person experiences.

Why Join?

Individuals and teams will have the opportunity to compete for over $25,000 in cash and prizes.

In addition to developing your idea into that killer app, everyone has a chance to win by joining our weekly Side Quests. These are fun challenges to reward you for participating in our event. You can win cool swag and prizes as you prepare your app for our submission deadline on November 29th.

There's also an opportunity for winning individuals and teams to have an opportunity to show the world what you've developed in the hackathon and be featured in a blog post or have your demo featured on meet.dolby.io  [invite code: buildtheworld]

Watch The Kick-Off Video Event

Resources and Hackathon Calendar

Supporting Sponsors:


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What to Build:

As we slowly get back to work and play, we want you to rethink and re-envision new hybrid meta spaces where your app users can work, collaborate and play.  Use your imagination!  Create innovative and new hybrid communication experiences featuring Dolby.io Communications APIs. 

What to Submit:

  1. Build to our Theme: Build and host an amazing and functional app that explores what it is like to meet and communicate based on our geospatial location theme.
  2. Use our APIs: Your app entry must use the Dolby.io Communications APIs. 
  3. Choose your Preferred Stack: While we're encouraging developers to create web apps, there are no restrictions on which stack you choose to develop your application in.
  4. Host your App: If you build a web-based app, you can easily and securely host your web app with our sponsorship partner, Netlify. They've made it simple with one-click templates to get your app up and running fast or feel free to host it elsewhere.  Note: Native app developers will need to submit a TestFlight or APK to DolbyioHackathon@dolby.com
  5. Pitch your App:  Create and submit a 3-minute video pitch that demonstrates the app concept and functionality.  This can be as simple or as extravagant as you like - what's important is that you accurately show the value and functionality of your app.
  6. Show us the Code: To fairly judge each entry, we will review your original code and require access to your application's code repository.  Whether that code repo is public or private is up to you; Just follow the detailed instructions provided when you sign up for the hackathon competition. 
  7. Sign up and form your team:  To be eligible, all participants must signup, complete, and submit their entry on the DevPost platform.  Individuals and teams are welcome to participate; When forming a team, select one person to be the team's primary contact.

Hackathon Sponsors


$25,100 in prizes

Dolby.io 1st Place Grand Prize

◦ $7,500.00 USD
◦ 30 minute virtual meeting with Dolby.io leads
◦ Opportunity to be featured on Meet.Dolby.io website & the Dolby.io blog
◦ Dolby Swag valued at $150.00

Dolby.io 2nd Place Prize

◦ $5000.00 USD
◦ 30 minute virtual meeting with Dolby.io leads
◦ Opportunity to be featured on Meet.Dolby.io website & the Dolby.io blog
◦ Dolby Swag valued at $150.00

Dolby.io 3rd Place Prize

◦ $2,500.00 USD
◦ 30 minute virtual meeting with Dolby.io leads
◦ Opportunity to be featured on Meet.Dolby.io website & the Dolby.io blog
◦ Dolby Swag valued at $150.00

Weekly Side Quests Award for community engagement (200)

Over 200 Weekly Side Quests Prizes including:
◦ $5-20 Gift Cards
◦$150 Dolby.io Swag packages

Based on your level of engagement, participants in the weekly challenges will be awarded prizes.

Dolby.io Honorable Mentions (10)

◦ $150.00 USD

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Marie Huwe

Marie Huwe
Senior Vice President, Dolby.io

Nicole Lazzaro

Nicole Lazzaro
President, XEODesign, Inc. 

Curran Kelleher

Curran Kelleher
Lead Design Technologist / Educator, Stamen

Tessa Mero

Tessa Mero
Director, Developer Advocacy, Cloudinary

Phil Hawksworth

Phil Hawksworth

Judging Criteria

  • Quality
    Achievement of quality, high level of creativity, and originality of the project within the scope of our communications theme.
  • Implementation
    Achievement of project's implementation and use of Dolby.io APIs. Verifiable implementation of APIs, includes how well the APIs were integrated into the Project and quality of development.
  • Impact
    Potential Impact the project will produce. Includes business and humanitarian value to the extent to which the project can improve communication for users.
  • Design
    Design that's polished, beautiful, and inspires user engagement and interaction; Includes the overall design quality of the project.

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