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And the winner is...

The judges have weighed in, and we're excited to share the news! Go to the Build The World with Dolby.io Hackathon gallery to congratulate the winners and check out all of the awesome submissions.

Even though the competition is over, you don't have to stop coding. Update your portfolio to inform your followers about new projects and get feedback from fellow hackers.


If you have any questions about the hackathon, please post on the discussion forum.

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Time to start your video

This is the last weekend to work on your project. Update or Finish your Submission so you don’t forget. Submissions are due November 29, 2021 before 2:00pm PT. 

Your video is a major component of your submission. Here are some helpful tips for you to plan, create, and publish a winning video.  


 Get organized. Write out a script of what you need to say, demonstrate in your video, and rehearse it before recording. A good script should:  

  • Be less than 3 minutes. 
  • Include your elevator pitch of why you built your project.  

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One week to go

There is now just one week left to enter your submission to the Build the World with Dolby.io Hackathon. Submissions are due November 29, 2021 before 2:00 pm PT. 

Register for Office Hours

Submission checklist 

  • Did you build and host an amazing and functional app that explores what it is like to meet and communicate based on our geospatial location theme? 
  • Does your app

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Don't miss out on the final side quest



This week, Dolby.io challenges you to claim your location on Meet.Dolby.io (invite code: buildtheworld). Cloudinary challenges you to upload an image and add a text overlay. We’ll be awarding the most highly engaged hackers with our special Dolby.io swag pack – be sure to participate in this final side quest to show off your engagement with the hackathon!

Challenge Difficulty: Easy-Medium Estimated Time of Completion: 20 minutes 

Resource: https://cloudinary.com/documentation/transformation_basics_tutorial

   (1) Upload your profile/avatar image to Cloudinary 

   (2) Follow the video on the resource link

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Is your project on track?

Two weeks are left to enter your submission to the Build the World with Dolby.io Hackathon. Submissions are due November 29, 2021 before 2:00 pm PT. 

If you haven't started a submission yet, please do so now. And if you've just recently joined the challenge, explore the Thought Starters and Resources for more info to help you get started. 


As we slowly get back to work and play, we want you to rethink and re-envision new hybrid meta spaces where your app users can work, collaborate and play.  Use your imagination!  Create

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Submission period is now open

The challenge is now live and ready to take submissions – it's time to get access and start working to build spectacular and innovative hybrid audio and video conference experiences 

Start your submission  

Where to start?
Figuring out where to start with your project can sometimes be a hurdle in your building journey. Here are some key resources for you: 

Don’t forget about the Weekly Side Quests that you can complete for some awesome prizes. More details here 


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What does it mean to meet in a virtual location?

Life as we know it is now a mix of physical and virtual spaces.  It's your turn to help redefine how we meet and communicate.   

We know for many teams and hackathon participants getting started on that great idea can be challenging. To make it easier to get your project started here's a few thought starters to get your gears moving.   

What does it mean to meet at your Doctor’s office?
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What does it mean to meet at our office?
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