What does it mean to meet in a virtual location?  

Life as we know it is now a mix of physical space and virtual spaces.  It's your turn to help redefine how we meet and communicate.

We know for many teams and hackathon participants getting started on that great idea can be challenging.  To make it easier to get your project started here's a few thought starters to get your gears moving.  We hope these technical posts and case studies from actual customers that use Dolby.io in their software and platforms will inspire you to build something great!   

TeleMedicine - What does it mean to meet at your doctor's office?

Now more than ever, building applications for healthcare requires an extra level of attention to conforming to many levels of regulations and privacy compliance; Dolby.io was built with these security concerns in mind.

MediGuru's story of how they built a platform around Dolby.io's secure and compliant Communications APIs illustrates the requirements and the demand in our post-Covid 19 world.

“From a healthcare industry standpoint, the Telehealth platform has to be HIPAA compliant,” said Arul Venkatachalam, CTO at MediGuru. “And, security is paramount, especially when we are integrating with other downstream systems.”

From encryption and security certification to our commitment to a secure environment Dolby.io delivers a communication service that you can trust. Dolby.io is GDPR, HIPAA, and SOC-2 compliant.

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Collaboration - What does it mean to meet at your office?  

At the heart of most successful collaborations is real-time interaction between people.  Most of us, who didn't attend too many rock concerts, have this unique ability to follow a conversation in a crowded room naturally.  In this new world of video communications, many online audio experiences fall short, making collaboration a challenge. Dolby.io's Communication APIs provide a solution for improving intelligibility with Spatial Audio. 

"We strive to close the gap between the experience of face-to-face and online communications.  Bringing years of research in human perception to bear on the human experience of the connection while physically separated is at the heart of what we do."  At a recent technical conference, Chief Architect Paul Boustead provided insights from the research in voice communications on how spatial rendering can improve the intelligibility of video conferencing.

Our advanced Spatial Audio features enable us to understand one another better even when users talk over each other. With spatial audio, overlapping voices are separated to make conversations sound natural — resulting in increased user productivity and reduced fatigue.

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Fitness - What does it mean to meet at your gym? 

Online fitness classes are booming with popularity. Fitness app developers can now easily build scalable streaming solutions that extend the video stream to live streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube.  

Beyond building and extending your audience reach, fitness class apps need solutions for capturing and delivering classes on demand, and great workflows to mix video streams into unique layouts as participants come and go. 

With our mixer feature; The resulting presentation can contain the video from each participant, as well as screen shares, presentation files or videos being shared, and the size and position of each are under the control of the layout app. As participants join and leave, start and stop video streams or screen shares, presentation files, or video sharing, the layout app is updated with these changes, allowing for a dynamic layout.

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Education - What could it be like to meet on your campus or school, what does that experience look like?

E-learning is now bigger than ever. The industry is expected to reach $336.98 billion by 2026, at a 9.1% year-to-year growth from 2018 to 2026.

Once the pandemic ends, virtual classes will continue to thrive. They’re a great way to educate students no matter where they are located and helping them learn at their own pace.

Keeping students engaged during virtual classes, however, is not an easy task. Many students complain that distance learning doesn’t feel like the real thing. That’s why if you want to retain their attention and ensure they get the most out of every online classroom, you need to pick the best virtual classroom software for your students.

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